Studio di Ingegneria della Sicurezza e dell’Informazione Ing. Bareato | Studio di Ingegneria della Sicurezza e dell’Informazione ing. C. Bareato Swiss-based cyber security and risk management company operating internationally. Tel. +41 91 6837070. Email: Consulting, Audit, Solutions.
Studio di Ingegneria della Sicurezza e dell’Informazione ing. C. Bareato Swiss-based security and risk management company operating internationally. Tel. +41 91 6837070. Email: Consulting, Audit, Solutions.
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Studio di Ingegneria della Sicurezza e dell’Informazione Ing. Bareato


The Studio is an independent Swiss-based cyber security and risk management company operating internationally.

We deliver expert consulting, independent audit services and tailored solutions to pragmatically help our clients to protect their business and to help them evolve it securely. Operating with agility and flexibility, we aim to achieve the intended objectives effectively and with operational and economic efficiency.

We operate abiding by the guiding values of confidentiality, reliability and professional ethics, building and maintaining relationships based on trust. The Studio is a sole proprietorship owned and managed by Claudio Bareato and registered at the Swiss register of commerce of canton Ticino.

The Studio synergically cooperates with a selected network of Swiss qualified expert practitioners and specialized companies, in order to ensure the security, the quality of the solutions and the excellence of the service delivered to the Client even for the most complex and challenging goals.


We help in a concrete way the Client protect their organization; leverage security as an enabling factor for the achievement of their strategic and tactical business objectives; strengthen corporate reputation and the trust of customers and stakeholders; fulfil the compliance requirements; gain insights on the market and the competition; create value and generate sustainable competitive advantage.

We support the Client in addressing securely the contemporary challenges of a growing complexity, variability and uncertainty; the decreasing availability of resources; a panorama of vulnerabilities as well as internal and external threats that is increasingly wider, heterogeneous, articulated and constantly evolving; attack techniques that are ever more sophisticated and multi-dimensional; the growing gap between the offensive capabilities of the attackers and the defensive capability of the Client organization.


• Expert Consulting.

• Audit, assessments and independent evaluations.

• Tailored Solutions: we pragmatically design and implement tailor-made solutions that integrate our Clients’ specific organization and market environment, and that fullfil the stated objectives and the predefined level of risk acceptance.


The Studio operates in the following practice areas:

• Security: Cyber Security; Information Security; Data Protection and Privacy; Business Continuity; Security Management Systems; Safety in the Workplace.

• Cyber Risk Management.

• Compliance.

• Forensic services: independent expert witness services; technical expert advice; digital investigations; criminological analysis.

• Cyber Insurance: assessment services and technical advice on cyber risks for insurance brokers and insurance companies.

•  International Project Management.


The experience that we have matured over the years has let us develop a distinctive mix of factors that we exploit in our activities:

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach and coordinate the synergic integration of the contributions brought by professionals from a variety of complementary disciplines.

We deploy a consolidated and practical operational methodology.

We bring audit competences as a precious complement to the consulting activity and in the design and implementation of solutions.

We regard security in all its practical aspects: not only as a technical and technological matter, but also and foremost as centered around the human element as well as on the organizational and operational processes dimensions.

We coherently balance the capabilities to prevent, detect, react and recover from security incidents.

We accurately mix tradition and innovation when defining and implementing adequate measures for for the targeted strengthening of the security posture and for its continuous improvement.

We employ an innovative scientific method that we have developed to protect and to leverage securely and in an integrated way the phyiscal assets and the non-physical ones (“intangibles“), which are becoming increasingly critical to the success of organizations.

We design and implement, together with the Client, the most adequate measures that allow them to take advantage of security as a competitive lever.

We customize the services and solutions provided.


Studio di Ingegneria della Sicurezza e dell’Informazione Claudio Bareato

Via E. Bossi 12E, CP 1318
CH-6830 Chiasso, Switzerland

Tel : +41 91 683 7070
E-mail :

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